Google Assistant now has a male voice, new languages, integrations

Google Assistant now has a male voice, new languages, integrations

Google Assistant now has a male voice, new languages, integrations

If it doesn't recognize, you can ask Google Home to show you the stream on your television.

Follow all the latest news from Google's Pixel 2 event here! All the major AI assistants, for one reason or another, use a female voice, whether it sounds robotic or not. Google Assistant, the one common feature across all of Google's fresh new batch of devices, may not have been under the spotlight that long, but its arriving with a big bang and a whole lot of new features. There is an inclination towards smart assistants among different platforms as Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant all started with female voice assistants. The voice match feature will also be launched in all seven countries where Google Assistant is live at the moment.

For example, customers will be able to use the Assistant to view footage from their Nest Cam on a television with a connected Chromecast, just by asking a Google Home speaker to play it.

Google Assistant now also speaks other kinds of languages, too. In this case, telling your Home "where's my phone" will ping the nearest Android device paired with your Google account.

The Nest will soon be able to identify frequent visitors to your home and tell you who is at your door when they arrive, if you have a Nest camera set up there.

Google knows that going forward people would largely interact with the devices and phones via voice, therefore, bringing voice assistant on every device would serve them well.

The Google Home platform looks like a ideal match for Nest's series of smart home products and the newly announced partnership is yielding some interesting new features. Of course, Google will be continuously improving the Assistant's abilities at being more intuitive over the course of more updates. Now available on nearly all of Google's different devices and platforms, not to mention integrating with third-party platforms, it has the potential to become what pundits and even conspiracists have been looking for: Google OS.

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