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Google on Wednesday unveiled a slimmed down version of its digital assistant connected speaker starting at $49, stepping up its challenge to market leader Amazon. Essentially, you can say, "Hey Google, play that song that has that has this lyric".

It is available in three different colors including Red, Chalk, and Black.

Google's got a new product aimed directly at Amazon's massively popular Echo smart speaker: Google Home Mini.

It links to Google Assistant in order to control your smart home devices and other Google devices, such as Chromecast. If you love Google Assistant and its ecosystem, this is now the easiest, cheapest way to integrate it into you life. The new Home Max however is a pleasant surprise since it appears to be the company's bid to compete against Sonos.

The Home Max tech is headlined by two 4.5-inch woofers.

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Google has revealed the Home Max, a new high-end speaker and smart home hub which uses machine learning to automatically retune itself to sound its best, wherever you put it.

Chandra added that Google Home Actions, and "Routines" are now being extended, allowing users to train Home to perform a longer set of actions based on their voice commands. Then there was a Diplo video-again, doubling down on bass capabilities of the Google Home Max. It will come with 12-month, ad-free subscription to YouTube Music and costs $399.

In addition, the hands-free calling feature for Google Home, which launched in the United States a few months ago, is scheduled to be added to the UK sometime before the end of 2017. In the U.S., pre-orders start today, with instore availability from 19 October. The company is also touting improved voice recognition, with the ability to understand children as well. It has Cast functionality, as well as input via stereo 3.5 mm jack. It's about a fifth of the size of the standard Google Home. Google says it's working with Disney and Warner Bros for new experiences for families and kids.

Google has announced that after Canada and the USA, now the United Kingdom is also going to get free hands free calling.

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