Microsoft Groove Music Streaming App Gets The Axe After December 31, 2017

Microsoft Groove Music Streaming App Gets The Axe After December 31, 2017

Microsoft Groove Music Streaming App Gets The Axe After December 31, 2017

Users of Groove Music Pass can easily move all their selected playlists and collections directly into Spotify from this week as Microsoft is partnering with Spotify.

Because it's built-in with Windows, there are probably plenty of people out there who are using Groove to manage their local music. The Spotify app is available on Xbox One and Windows 10. Then you create / log into a Spotify account on your PC.

"The process of moving your music to your Spotify account will take a few minutes", Johnson promised.

The company will send this refund to the credit card or payment method the customer used to purchase the subscription with. If you are, sign in to the Spotify application.

If you bought a Groove Music Pass a la carte, but have not redeemed it, you will not be able to redeem it. New Spotify users may be eligible for a free trial of Spotify Premium, lasting 60 days.

Microsoft isn't presenting any new music benefit; rather, the organization is exchanging existing Groove clients to Spotify. An update to Groove on Windows 10 next week will provide the tools to do so. The announcement was made in conjunction with the company expanding its partnership with Spotify.

According to the Music Consumer Insight Report, in August 2017 YouTube received 1.3 billion visitors who came specifically for streaming music - although most of these listeners aren't subscribers.

What happens to purchased music after December 31, 2017?

This means that Microsoft is without a music service of its own for the first time in over a decade. Forza Horizon 3, a Microsoft exclusive game, included an integrated Groove Music radio station for users to play their playlists from within the game.

Migration is not supported on older devices, e.g. As for books, though, I can't imagine Microsoft is making a lot of money here or that offering an e-book store gives it much of an edge. These changes will go into effect from the 31st of December, in the meantime, Microsoft will be sending its users over to Spotify, promising a seamless transition.

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