Retired Army man asked to prove his Indian citizenship

Retired Army soldier from Assam asked to prove he is Indian

Retired Army man asked to prove his Indian citizenship

The Foreigners Tribunal, established to detect illegal citizens residing in India, has issued a notice in the name of Mohammad Azmal Haque, 49, who retired from Indian Army as Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO).

Haque, who lives in Chayyagaon, 70 km from Guwahati, received a notice in September from the foreigner's tribunal, according to reports. He will ap pear before the tribunal on October13, he added. Azmal received a notice from the Foreigner's Tribunal landed which has put him in the "doubtful-voter" category.

The ex-army personnel, in the video has requested the Indian President, Prime Minister and Home Minister to take adequate action so that rightful citizens are not harassed. In 2012, his wife Mamtaj Begum was also summoned by the tribunal to prove her citizenship.

A retired Indian Army officer has been asked by the authorities in the northeastern state of Assam to prove his Indian identity.

Assam Director General of Police Mukesh Sahay also said that he will look into the matter why the notice was served to the former army officer.

Hindustan Times quoted Hoque saying "This incident has saddened me a lot". We have proved all the documents to the court to prove our India citizenship.

The issue was brought to the attention of the Army yesterday through a Twitter post by lawyer Aman Wadud where he said, "Mohd". However, with the use of technology, the legacy data of National Register of Citizens (NRC) 1951 and electoral rolls up to March 24, 1971 have been digitsed and published and now every citizen of Assam has to find their ancestor details to claim their citizenship and large number of people have already done it.

"Hoque was never approached by any investigation agency and now he is being accused of being an "illegal immigrant".

The illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis has been a sensitive issue in Assam.

Replying to Waduds tweet, Major D P Singh notified the Eastern Command, which said "necessary assistance will be provided to the veteran". Earlier, Assam police constable Abu Taher Ahmed was accused of being an illegal immigrant.

This entire exercise of finding the data, putting it at one place and asking citizens to prove their citizenship.

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