Ukip's new logo looks just like the Premier League lion

Ukip's attempt to get public buy-in for its new logohas not been universally well-received

Ukip's attempt to get public buy-in for its new logohas not been universally well-received

The two new logo options.

Left wing British tabloid The Mirror reports Twitter users have compared the design to that of the football Premier League.

The eye-catching design, which apparently received a roar of approval from conference-going UKIPers, features the words "UKIP FOR THE NATION" alongside a purple lion's head.

Attacking the British political establishment in his last speech before UKIP's new leader takes charge Friday afternoon, Crowther said Brexit was at risk of being sabotaged by the government, citing Theresa May's widely-panned "Florence flop" speech from a week before.

The new device replaces the well-known pound-sign logo, which was first conceived when Britain was at risk of abandoning sterling and joining the European Union's single currency euro.

"For a start, I don't mind Ukip being associated with the Premier League".

Party chairman Paul Oakden, who will soon be standing down from his interim role, claimed there are "no similarities between UKIP and Britain First".

The Premier League are consulting their lawyers amid claims Ukip 'stole' their lion logo for their rebrand
Rebranded Ukip announces new logo - but is mocked for 'Premier League rip-off' design

Elsewhere the spokesman described the ex-footballer as an "extremely well-paid TV celebrity who has their own opinions".

The Telegraph has contacted the Premier League for comment.

The Ukip spokesman said the logo 'is not a rip off - it's the internationally recogised symbol of this country.

"We did our due diligence before we put these logos to the membership and as I said, we are perfectly comfortable".

In June the party's vote plunged from 4 million in 2015 to just 600,000.

Meanwhile, the party is braced for a mass walkout of its MEPs and party figures if an extreme anti-slam campaigner is elected today.

Anti-Sharia law campaigner Anne Marie Waters was one of the candidates tipped to do well.

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