Amazon Echo Show no longer has access to YouTube

Voice Assistant Alexa is now available in the Amazon Music App

Amazon Echo Show no longer has access to YouTube

For $80, Amazon says it will throw in an Echo Dot, a puck-sized version of its Echo smart speaker.

Both the Mountain View search giant and the Seattle e-commerce behemoth agree that YouTube is no longer available on Amazon's "Echo Show," a virtual-assistant device with a screen. Amazon has yet to respond to that rebuttal in any capacity but as things stand right now, owners of the Echo Show seeking to access YouTube through their Alexa-powered speaker are out of options. They seem to not want to play nice with each other due to the large competitive overlap of their products and services, and in some case it's resulted in a worse user experience for the end user.

Google's low-intensity rivalry with Amazon has just escalated.

It's a sad day for anyone who enjoys watching cooking videos, daily vlogs, or haul videos on YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show.

However, Amazon said in its statement: "Google has chosen to no longer make YouTube available on Echo Show, without explanation and without notification to customers". The company also said that this decision is disappointing and hurts their customers as there is no any technical reason.

"Amazon's Echo Show is a voice-enabled speaker with a 7" touchscreen that allows a variety of functions, including video chat, access to the Alexa voice assistant, and various third party apps.

Google, on the other hand, hit back at Amazon, stating that the service has been pulled off because Amazon violated the terms of service.

Not reaching an agreement is not new for both companies, and the issue has been lingering for quite some time.

Amazon has ambitions to make it normal for people to control computers by voice - and to place orders for its online retail business by voice, too.

Google has also been in similar, YouTube related disagreements in the past, with Microsoft Corp.

It's being speculated that Google might not be too happy with how Amazon chose to integrate YouTube on the Echo Show. Well, it's only 7 inches, but it's there where one has not been for a first-party Alexa AI device.

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