Nissan Continues its Relationship with Star Wars

The very best Star Wars parodies

Nissan Continues its Relationship with Star Wars

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to release in theaters on December 15, 2017.

While all of this is happening, of course, fans are still waiting on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

As Star Wars News Net noticed, Hamill tweeted that fans should "watch Monday Night Football on Monday Oct. 9 for no particular reason". This followed an official post from the Star Wars Twitter account, which seemed to suggest that something was coming. What Mark Hamill responded thatit would be better to be in front of a screen Monday, October 9, during the game of american football...

It wouldn't be the first time a Star Wars trailer debuted during Monday Night Football. We'll see if Disney makes an announcement soon, so stay tuned. Most of these images we've seen before in one form or another, but here we've bundled them all in one place in high-resolution.

Even a Jedi can make a mistake. No one doubts for a second that he loves his fans, but he enjoys teasing now and then. Having said that, there is evidence that points to October 9 actually being the date for the trailer.

It's impossible to know for sure, but one thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that, two years ago, Lucasfilm aired the final domestic trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens during MNF.

In Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force Awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks age-old mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.

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