Jennifer Garner cries over 'Hamilton' following dentist visit in comedic video

Jennifer Garner cries over 'Hamilton' after dental anesthesia

This Video Of Jennifer Garner High On Laughing Gas And Sobbing About 'Hamilton' Is So Pure

But Jennifer Garner was a slurring and laughing mess in a throwback video she posted to Instagram on Thursday.

There's a special little slice of internet dedicated to post dental insanity and if you ask me, it's an absolute laugh-riot.

The video itself sees Garner sat in a vehicle, telling someone on the phone how she couldn't stop crying during a song in Hamilton because it was "so beautiful".

"It's so handsome", the 45-year-old continues to her laughing friend.

Garner is now working on the animated movie Amusement Park, which also stars Mila Kunis and Matthew Broderick, according to IMDB.

It's hard to decipher her words as she clearly has a swollen mouth from dental work, but she explains to her pal on the phone that she was overcome with emotion when she heard a tune from the hit show. And she can not stop crying! I said, it's so attractive. She'd had a procedure involving laughing gas, and as a result, she couldn't talk about "Hamilton" without getting extremely emotional.

"It was attractive - that music was so attractive. It's so attractive, listen to this song.' It was so lovely, the music was so pretty". "And so I told them about it, they have to see it".

Jennifer is usually so composed.

She's usually seen looking poised and playing mum to her three children with Ben Affleck. To that, we must say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this magic.

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