Minecraft for the Nintendo 3DS is available today

Kirby Is Getting A New Game In The Form Of A Brawler Seamus Mullins

Kirby Is Getting A New Game In The Form Of A Brawler Seamus Mullins

Though with Minecraft on nearly every device, we wonder how relevant it would be for 3DS owners at this juncture, particularly since its restricted to the newest 3DSes alone.

Plus, while many things in a Nintendo Direct are coming months later or even next year, this Minecraft comes with the best possible release date, which is immediately. This version of the game features both Survival and Creative modes of Minecraft. It's great to know that the game is already available on the eShop so that you can buy it right away and start playing on your new 3DS consoles. The game will create maps 2016x2016 blocks and allow you to go 128 blocks high - these maps are larger than what's available in the Wii U edition.

The announcement was made by Nintendo during a live video stream last night.

Minecraft is available in the United States on the Nintendo 3DS eShop right now and will soon be available to players in Europe. And it will come with five skin packs and two texture packs.

Owing to its port in the Nintendo New 3DS, "Minecraft" will utilize the handheld platforms dual-screen display and stylus touchscreen controls of the handheld gaming platform.

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