Trump Administration Announces Termination of Popular DACA Program

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Trump Administration Announces Termination of Popular DACA Program

"As the work permits run out, they self deport", he said.

DACA prevents deportation of undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States before the age of 16 and were below the age of 31 in June 2012, as well as allowing them to obtain work permits and driver's licenses. "For example, we will not voluntarily disclose information about any student's immigration status, and law enforcement agents can not come onto campus to interview an F&M student without a valid warrant". Trump's base is not so politically correct! If their permits expire before March, 5, 2018, they are eligible to renew them for another two years as long as they apply by October 5, but the program isn't accepting new applications.

"We understand the frustrations associated with our nation's broken immigration system, and support comprehensive reforms at the federal level to address this issue", said Hart Nelson, the chamber's vice president of public policy. However, update, President Trump ended one of Obama's legislative pieces that I genuinely support.

First-year Audrey Lee is a contributing writer. Corzo said he migrated to the United States almost 18 years ago. They were children, some just infants, when their parents made the decision to bring them to America.

Although Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III was one of the ten attorney generals to push for Trump to end DACA, he chose to step back from the suit right before Trump made his decision, citing a human element as the cause.

"In the near term, we need to stay close to the students, understand where they are right now, what's changed in their status", Cartwright said. "Because we do not track information regarding the immigration status of our students, we can not say if any or how many might be affected by changes to the DACA program", Cecilia Jacobs, Director of News and Information, said.

"There is a serious humane issue here that needs to be dealt with", Republican Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday. If Congress remains unable to enact a law - as it has failed to do so since 2001 - Trump will start rounding up the "dreamers" - who have lived almost all of their lives in the u.s., with no memories of the country of their parents.

"These kids don't - for the most part, don't know any other home than the United States", Ryan said on September 6. If every member who has, within the past few years, said they would vote for such legislation, the bill would pass easily.

"Now, after months of anxiety and fear about their futures, these fearless young people face deportation", the conference of bishops said in a statement.

"It was not our decision to come here, but we are going to school, working, trying to make our own opportunities", laments Rodriguez.

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