Pope Francis visits abandoned children's home in Colombia

Pope Francis during a visit to the Sanctuary of St. Peter Claver Cartagena Colombia 10 September 2017

Pope Francis during a visit to the Sanctuary of St. Peter Claver Cartagena Colombia 10 September 2017

However, on this occasion, it was the very thing created to keep Pope Francis safe that ailed him. He said, though, that separating young people from their families is not good either for the young or for the family. "They are very clear, very precise", the pontiff said today during a press conference on the return leg of a five-day Colombia trip. "He injured his left cheekbone and eyelid", spokesman Greg Burke said.

The Pope went to the journalists' section of the plane still wearing a small bandage on his left eyebrow and sporting a large bump, which had turned black and blue, on his cheek.

Francis took the accident in stride and told reporters smiling: "I got bashed". A POLITICO/ Morning Consult poll published the day of DACA's rescission, which surveyed 1,993 registered voters, found that 58 percent of American voters would like to see a pathway for DACA recipients to stay and become citizens after meeting certain requirements.

Pope Francis received a face wound on Sunday after a sudden stop to his papamobile in the midst of crowds of people in the Colombian town of Cartagena.

And in the nation that is sadly renown for the production of cocaine and the power of drug cartels, the Pope also made an off-the-cuff denunciation of drug dealers and traffickers, condemning them as unscrupulous merchants of death who "cut short so many hopes and destroy so many families".

The pope also addressed questions about climate change, saying that those who deny its reality should listen to scientists, who "speak very clearly".

The incident occurred while the 80-year-old Catholic Pontiff was traveling in the popemobile, a customized vehicle outfitted with bulletproof glass created to protect the pope while he greets crowds. "We can see the effects of climate change and scientists clearly say what path we should follow", he added, referring to the scientific consensus that global warming is caused by human activity such as burning fossil fuels.

"And we all have a responsibility, all of us". "And we must take it seriously".

The pope defended the dignity of "those who are abandoned, immigrants and those who suffer violence and human trafficking".

"Why are we waiting to acknowledge the effects of climate change?"

"Then they decide and history will judge those decisions".

Colombians adore Pope Francis, the thousands of people came from all over the country in Medellin airport to welcome the Vatican head.

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