North Atlantic Treaty Organisation wants pressure ramped up on N. Korea

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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation wants pressure ramped up on N. Korea

The North conducted its sixth nuclear test a week ago - saying it was a hydrogen bomb that could be fitted into a missile - sparking worldwide condemnation and calls for further measures to force an end to the perilous stand-off.

Putin stressed the need for a political solution, saying further sanctions and pressure would not solve the problem.

While Japan, South Korea and the United States are spearheading efforts to tighten the net around North Korea over its nuclear development program, Russian Federation is refusing to budge from its insistence that dialogue is the only option.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has compared his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with the world's largest cat - the Siberian tiger - also known as the Amur tiger.

"There are some similarities", he said. It came just days after its largest nuclear test and as United States president Donald Trump again highlighted the possibility of military action.

During the summit, Prime Minister Abe asked for cooperation from Russian Federation in increasing pressure on North Korea to force the secluded state to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

Even as Trump has insisted that now is not the time to talk, senior members of his administration have made clear that the door to a diplomatic solution is open, especially given the U.S. assessment that any pre-emptive strike would unleash massive North Korean retaliation. The Russian leader will meet with Abe later in the day.

In the past few weeks, Mr Moon has sought stronger warheads on ballistic missiles, stepped up military drills, discussed the deployment of U.S. strategic bombers to South Korea and embraced a missile defence system he had questioned. The country tested its developmental Hwasong-14 ICBMs twice in July and analysts say the flight data from the launches indicate the missiles could cover a broad swath of the continental United States, including major cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, when perfected.

The UN Security Council is expected to vote on a new set of sanctions soon. The U.S. and South Korea should "immediately stop the deployment process and withdraw relevant equipment", Geng said.

Six police officers and 32 other people were injured, none seriously, in the clashes, said a fire department official in Seongju.

"Military action would certainly be an option", he said during a White House news conference, but added later: "It would be great if something else could be worked out".

South Korea's Defence Ministry said the four remaining batteries of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system would be deployed on a golf course in the south of the country on Thursday.

Moon may well be quietly admiring of Putin for saying things upfront about North Korea which he is unable to do himself.

Moon temporarily halted the THAAD installation for environmental reviews to ease residents' concerns. The Japanese government intends to tenaciously continue leaning on both China and Russian Federation as it seeks to enforce the net encircling North Korea.

In a telephone conversation with Mr Putin on Monday, he urged Russia's support for stronger sanctions against North Korea, such as cutting off oil supplies and banning the use of exported North Korean workers who are seen as a key foreign currency source for Pyongyang.

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