State monitoring review of Title IX rules

Campus sexual assault guidance to be reviewed

State monitoring review of Title IX rules

"One rape is one too many, one assault is one too many, one aggressive act of harassment is one too many, one person denied due process is one too many", DeVos told a crowd at George Mason University.

Title IX is a federal law that forbids discrimination in education based on sex. She noted these rules enacted under the Obama administration created a failed system - a system failing both the reporting party ("accuser") and the responding party ("accused").

"We've begun the process to [rescind]", DeVos said to CBS News' Jan Crawford on Thursday night. "As I've said earlier, in all of this discussion, it really is a process not an event".

The Obama administration introduced a series of guidelines to help campuses better handle sexual assault in a memo titled "Dear Colleague" in 2011.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, an outspoken figure on the issue of sexual assault, thinks this would be a step back.

Critics have said the guidance is unfair toward the accused and could jeopardize their futures, as the guidance lowered the standard for proving allegations.

At least for me, this direct, immediate response allayed the fear that change in federal legislation would inevitably lead to change in campus policy. "It is our moral obligation to get it right".

DeVos didn't lay out a specific approach, but did say she would like to see a system that's fair for all students.

"Following the announcement, "#StopBetsy" was trending on Twitter, with groups and individuals tweeting about the announcement.

DeVos also stressed her personal revulsion for sexual assault and her commitment to prosecute campus rape.

In a 2015 interview with the Wall Street Journal, Catherine Lhamon, the administration's second head of the Office for Civil Rights (which had enforcement power over Title IX), called allegations that she ignored due process "appalling". She stated that she wanted to listen to the public for their opinions on how to revise Title IX.

Democrats widely condemned DeVos's announcement. Sen.

Three Title IX coordinators make up the committee, which is overseen by a member of legal services.

"'A blunt attack on survivors of sexual assault", hurled a leading women's advocate.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has accepted an invitation from the University of Baltimore to deliver a keynote address at this fall's Commencement, scheduled for December 18. "We will not accept this blatant favoritism for the rights of rapists under the guise of fairness".

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is receiving threats after she announced changes to the Title IX program Thursday as it was known under President Obama. The Trump administration seems intent on making us forget by rolling back every reasonable Obama-era program.

We don't disagree with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos when she says that "Justice demands humility, wisdom and prudence" and "a serious pursuit of truth".

In her emphasis on the accused, she suggests that there's parity between the relative handful of accused men who are ever disciplined at all and the many horror stories reported by the one in four women who say they were sexually assaulted during college.

Two Tennessee universities that have faced major Title IX investigations were muted in the face of potential changes to federal policies surrounding campus sexual assaults. In reality, many students have been kicked out of school without any evidence.

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