Developer Advises Players of Server Queues

Developer Advises Players of Server Queues

Developer Advises Players of Server Queues

Is this the kind of stuff that you want to see more of in Destiny 2?

Playstation 4 exclusive Destiny 2 content was originally detailed back at E3 2017, and includes several items of varying usefulness to players.

When the game hits store shelves on September 6th, endgame content won't be available yet. It had a sense of place, history, and along with the associated Grimoire cards that provided story of the lore (outside of the game), fans started exploring the narrative surrounding the raid.

"Progression is simplified, easier to understand, and spread across all of the activities in the game, instead of leading players down paths of extreme repetition". Pacific. However, due to some leaks about the game, the name of the raid has been revealed. But while you wait to dive in on PS4 or Xbox One on September 6, here's why critics find Bungie's massive new shooter extremely promising.

Bungie stated that this server load was expected and they tweeted a reminder about it, saying players may encounter a sign on queue when logging in to Destiny 2. At lest, it is if you're playing on PS4 or Xbox One - PC players still have over a month to wait until Bungie brings its sci-fi shooter to the self-proclaimed "master race" of gamers.

Several regions can access Destiny 2 servers even with digital copies, because, ya know, time zones.

Destiny 2 is not some unusual outlier. To be fair, you can dance in game and this video takes that aspect and runs with it... to the hills and beyond.

I can not wait for the same experience again in Destiny 2 as we hold thumbs at the reward screen and just pray we get the gun that everyone has and we have not managed to get yet. Additionally, the endgame 6-player Raid will go live at 10 a.m. PDT on September 13. Sure it will random players, but hopefully, a new friendship will bloom.

This was also the case for the original Destiny, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to returning players. Lear doesn't believe that would actually have been his first completion of the raid.

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