Try not to cry while watching 'The Witcher' 10th anniversary video

CD Projekt RED Releases The Witcher 10th Anniversary Video

Try not to cry while watching 'The Witcher' 10th anniversary video

While plenty of people's first introduction to the series might have been the third installment, The Witcher series has actually been going for nigh on ten years.

In the anniversary video that was released on Sunday is a heartfelt journey for fans of The Witcher series with huge thanks being given to players who have stuck with the games. However, the authors I congratulate you not only Geralt of Rivia, how numerous players themselves - the Studio thanked fans for their support throughout these years. Hence we might not have seen the last of The Witcher games just yet.

The video begins with Ciri arriving at the famous vineyards of Corvo Bianco. In the background we see the room is full of familiar characters.

The video (below) features some of the biggest characters from the series to date, including series protagonist Geralt, Ciri and Triss. But about the main game, we do not have any officiaş information yet. Of course we saw a couple of different projects like Gwent stand alone version and an adventure game. Syanna, on the other hand, first appears in the Blood and Wine expansion and is the sister of the Duchess of Toussaint. After all, they are what made this series so popular and loved. Zoltan, Shani and Dandelion are recurring characters and long-time friends of Geralt throughout The Witcher game series.

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