Taylor Swift has just dropped another new single … Ready for it?

Taylor Swift has definitely grown and evolved in the public eye, and fans have seen her come full circle - from a sweet, innocent country girl to a sultry, spunky pop star.

After teasing the second song to be released from her sixth studio album Reputation, we decided that it is definitely another song inspired by one of her relationships. ABC's "Thank God It's Thursday" lineup teaser also made use of "Look What You Made Me Do".

The video for "Look What You Made Me Do" video shattered streaming records after its world premiere on Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

In stark contrast to Look What You Made Me Do, the peppy new anthem struck a far more upbeat note, with Taylor singing of love and romance. At 23, he's younger than Taylor's other exes, like Calvin Harris (33), Tom Hiddleston (36), Joe Jonas (28), John Mayer (39), and Jake Gyllenhaal (36). Swift has been in the public eye for many years now and has had some feuds with her fellow celebrities.

To be honest Taylor - no, we weren't.

Taylow Swift introduces a peppy number, "Ready For It" at ESPN football game.

Reputation will be released on November 10.

"Taylor Swift's latest single ".Ready For It?" has arrived and hopefully you are in fact ready for it because you really have no choice otherwise.

No, we weren't "Ready For It". and we're still not! Swift raps her way through the verses, which follow the first single in playing off of her public image.

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