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Rumour: The Elder Scrolls, Fallout Dev Is Working on a Game of Thrones Title

RUMOR: Is Bethesda Working on a GAME OF THRONES Video Game?

Appearing on Target's website this weekend (and still live as of writing this) is something called "Bethesda: Game of Thrones", suggesting that Bethesda is now working on a new Game of Thrones game. No further details are hinted at.

Back in 2011, Bethesda revealed that they were in talks to do a Game of Thrones video game, but ultimately chose to put their time into Skyrim instead. The developer is in the midst of porting Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch and VR along with Fallout 4 to the VR. but there are also two new projects it is undertaking. He called "kind of different, but still the kind of game people would associate with us". Yes, you read the title right "Bethesda: Game of Thrones". However, it is unknown which technology is being developed the project, not to mention the target platforms and a release date. The most notable, perhaps, is Telltale Games' episodic adventure, which debuted in 2014; a second season is in development. The second season of episodes is now in development, as revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

As wildly popular as the television series and George R.R. Martin's novels are, there have been relatively few Game of Thrones video games. Aside from excellent mods for the likes of Crusader Kings 2, a lot of them have been disappointing.

The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones aired Sunday, which means there are only six episodes remaining of the sprawling fantasy drama.

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