University taking precautions for Tuesday Trump rally in downtown Phoenix

Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was joined by Joe Arpaio the sheriff of metro Phoenix at a news conference in Marshalltown Iowa in January 2016. Last week Trump told Fox News he may grant a pardon to the former sheriff following

University taking precautions for Tuesday Trump rally in downtown Phoenix

Using screen printers, one group of Puente volunteers pumped out hundreds of signs to be used in their demonstration of the Trump rally. Police Chief Jeri Williams says First Amendment rights will be supported but criminal conduct will be swiftly addressed. But people have "to be civil, respectful and peaceful".

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton asked the President to delay his trip, in light of the violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Va., but the request was disregarded.

To those wondering if the removal of hard-right political adviser Steve Bannon signals a softening of President Trump's anti-immigrant stances and sneering disdain for political norms, pay close attention to his rally Tuesday in Phoenix.

WASHINGTON ― After a week of controversy over his hesitation to fully condemn racist groups, President Donald Trump is considering a pardon for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man who gained national prominence by bragging about humiliating inmates in his jail, promoting the "birther" conspiracy theory about then-President Barack Obama and systematically discriminating against Latinos. For those anxious after last week's maligned Charlottesville response that the president is dwelling too much on his base to the exclusion of others, it is anxiety-inducing.

Arpaio told NBC News that he's been kept in the dark on what Trump plans to do. "I'm sure they have their reasons", Arpaio said on the phone.

Such a move would draw the ire of immigration advocates and leading Democrats. Doing so would subject him to attacks from moderates and the left by appearing with the president so soon after Charlottesville and possibly at the same time as the president pardons Arpaio and throws his endorsement behind Flake's challenger.

Rep. Trent Franks, a far-right conservative representing a Maricopa County district just northwest of Phoenix, says he's pulling for Trump to pardon the former sheriff.

"I wrote 'Understanding Trump, ' I didn't write 'Predicting Trump, ' because I don't think it's possible", Gingrich said. The city of Phoenix is preparing for what will be a politically and emotionally tense visit.

"We want to avoid safety issues should protests occur", said Sara Bresnahan, spokesperson for the Phoenix elementary school district.

Rob McDade is a spokesman with the Phoenix Fire Department.

"I feel sad about what they're trying to do to him", Arpaio said, unprompted. Majerle's, Cornish Pasty, Hanny's, Kettle Black, and Chico Malo all plan to stick to their regular hours on Tuesday, meaning that they'll be open during and after the rally. Opponents of the president are expected to protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center, where Trump will be speaking. A pardon from Trump would be a disgrace, sending yet another message that the president holds the rule of law in contempt.

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