The official Super NES Classic Edition trailer is here

The official Super NES Classic Edition trailer is here

The official Super NES Classic Edition trailer is here

That being their only flaw in terms of sales, Nintendo has said they plan on selling "significantly more" SNES Classic's compared to the NES Classic, something fans will certainly love.

Nintendo seems to understand this loud and clear because one of the features that is part of the SNES Classic is a "rewind" feature. Other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target will periodically announce small quantities of new stock that will sell out seconds after they become available. After Switch pre-orders opened up, it took about a day for them to sell out across the US.

Update: Pre-orders haven't gone live again yet, but people who snagged some overnight are already flooding eBay with offers typically topping $200 a pop. Process cartridges. 4. Produce Super NES Classic Edition.

It's also not a bad idea to visit nearby brick and mortar locations of the above stores in person to inquire about pre-orders.

A delightfully '90s-centric advertisement showing off the Super NES Classic Edition was released by Nintendo on Tuesday (seen in parts above), and it provides a ton of details about the system.

The SNES Classic Edition is scheduled to launch on September 29 and comes with twenty-one pre-installed games. The system is pre-loaded with 21 games and will cost $79.99. The list includes several popular names, plus the never-released Star Fox 2. The SNES Classic is no different, with a mini version of the SNES (different regions get different variants which is cool). The biggest innovation is a new rewind feature that lets you dial back the many mistakes you'll be making when playing the SNES Classic's challenging old-school titles.

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