Final Fantasy XV Coming To Steam Early 2018

Final Fantasy XV Coming To Steam Early 2018

Final Fantasy XV Coming To Steam Early 2018

It's not just the footage, because director Hajime Tabata also told RPS that Square Enix is looking at supporting modding for the game officially- which is great news, given the nature of the game, and also shockingly progressive.

It's inevitable anymore that when any new title is announced, one of the first questions is, "Is it coming to the Switch?"

Square Enix made several Final Fantasy XV announcements today, including one about the August update, which will bring Chapter Select and a Bestiary to the game. Riding the coat tails of the game's success on Twitch and YouTube and other video sharing and streaming websites. Anyway, we'll have more for you on Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition when we get more details. There's another certain console out there people may be thinking of; sounds little bit like you guys, your name, "Twitch"...

Now, this is very obvious that he's referring to Nintendo's latest console called Switch, which fans have been wanting a port of the game to for months now.

The Final Fantasy XV - Pocket Edition's story will span 10 episodes with all 10 available at launch so no anxious nail biting waits. Of course, we'd all rather see the full version, but if the Pocket Edition is what the Nintendo Switch can handle, that might not be too bad with the console in handheld mode, particularly. The regular game, or this mobile version?

His mischievous hint came after Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was announced for Windows 10, iOS and Android devices, an episodic game that is being targeted at casual players.

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