Xbox One X Pre-Orders Available Starting Tomorrow According to Xbox CEO

Above Check your pockets Phil. Maybe you have some more games

Above Check your pockets Phil. Maybe you have some more games

This isn't the first time that Spencer has said that an Xbox One pre-order announcement was right around the corner, but this time there is a definitive date for the announcement. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself chose to chip in on the delay on Twitter. These links are where you'll be able to find the console pre-orders once the date is formerly announced.

We know so far that the company will have its new flagship console - the Xbox One X - playable at the show, and will have a lineup of 27 games available to play on the Xbox One platform. The Xbox One X, which Microsoft fully revealed at this year's E3 after teasing it at E3 2016, launches on November 7.

Today, Phil Spencer was asked: whether they will make a big announcement of Xbox One X pre-order at Gamescom 2017? and to this, he replied: "We'll share more info on this tomorrow". Even at $499, the demand for a console that can rival a PC gaming rig is high.

It's a complicated situation, not least because Microsoft's last console, the Xbox One S, supported HDR but not native 4K.

Truly, though, it's the long term sales numbers - not the pre-orders - that most are curious about.

Powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 4 and set in a virtual Crash Testing Facility, Danger Zone combines realistic physics with explosive gameplay and features 20 exciting single player crash testing scenarios, each with their own unique road layout, traffic and pickups. Games are what help sell consoles, and unfortunately Microsoft doesn't have anything on its fall slate that will be a huge draw.

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