Hamid Ansari looking for political shelter: BJP's Vijayvargiya on Muslim remark

Move beyond files and go to the field to understand ground realities PM told collectors

Move beyond files and go to the field to understand ground realities PM told collectors

In his farewell remarks as he demitted office as Vice President, Ansari told Rajya Sabha members that the Upper House was a creation of the Constitution whose founding fathers wished it to portray India's diversity and to be a calibrated restraint on hasty legislation. He also recalled how he was advised by an eminent member of the House from which he benefitted immensely.

"But to me, every time such a comment appeared or came to my knowledge; I mean my first reaction was that, A: the person is ignorant, B: that he is prejudiced and C: he does not fit into the framework that India has always prided to itself on, which is to be accommodative society", he said. He has made political comments as he is retiring. He is still the vice president and such comments do not suit his office's dignity. "It seems he is making such comments to find political shelter after retirement", Vijayvargiya said.

Echoing the view of outgoing Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Minorities Committee Chairman Abid Rasool Khan termed the current situation in the country as extremely sensitive. "People try to use minority issues for political purposes".

PM Modi added that Dr Ansari's diplomatic insights were invaluable, especially when he used to hold discussions before and after his bilateral visits across the world.

Speaking to ANI, Khan said, "Mr. Ansari's statements were absolutely true".

He said in public life several controversies were associated with public figures of which some being true and others false.

Former union minister Venkaiah Naidu has been elected as his successor and Ansari thinks that the nature of the job (chairman of Rajya Sabha) will dictate the response and there is no reason why the Opposition will not get a fair deal under Naidu's chairmanship.

Replying to the felicitations, Ansari said he had been rendered speechless by the words of praise for him.

"A sense of insecurity is creeping in as a result of the dominant mood created by some and the resultant intolerance and vigilantism", Ansari said, in an interview to Rajya Sabha TV.

"No one accused me of of leaning to one side".

"I confess I had no difficulty in benefitting from this eminently sensible counsel", Ansari said.

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