President Trump Bashes Senator As a 'Phony Vietnam Con Artist'

President Donald Trump at the White House. AP

President Donald Trump at the White House. AP

Blumenthal has said that the special counsel must look into all financial dealings involving the Russians and the Trump campaign, and spoke more about it, as well as how the Trump administration is treating the Justice Department, Monday morning on CNN.

Instead, Trump used his Twitter account to attack Sen.

Trump responded on Twitter by calling Blumenthal a "phony Vietnam con artist" who told stories about his "Vietnam battles, conquests [and] how courageous he was". "He told stories about his Vietnam battles and. conquests, how fearless he was, and it was all a lie".

"He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child", Trump continued.

If you haven't read the President's tweetstorm this morning, then you may have missed the fact that he viciously attacked Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Earlier Monday, Blumenthal appeared on CNN to express concern over the Department of Justice's probe into those leaking classified information.

Trump - who dodged Vietnam War service but wages a perpetual battle against objective facts - called the CT lawmaker a "phony Vietnam con artist" and a liar of historic proportions.

Trump also blasted Blumenthal on Twitter over the Vietnam issue in February and in May. At one point, Blumenthal was asked if he's anxious that the Trump-Russia scandal might distract Democrats from focusing on issues that affect Americans more directly, like the economy.

Trump has gone after Blumenthal about his Vietnam statements in the past.

Trump told The New York Times in August 2016 that the bone spurs he suffered from at age 22 were only "temporary", and a "minor" ailment.

The president was referring to a controversy that arose during Blumenthal's 2010 campaign, when he claimed that he served in the Vietnam War. The military has notified the next of kin of the three service members on board, but Donald Trump has yet to comment on their deaths.

In 2011, website TheSmokingGun obtained records showing Trump received four deferments in college during the Vietnam War, and a medical deferment after he graduated.

Blumenthal tweeted that the president's "bullying" won't be effective.

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