China border tension worsens as Beijing issues warning to withdraw troops

Sushma Swaraj claimed that she had not delivered any speech in the Bandung conference the opposition parties have downloaded a purported speech and will attach it as proof said people aware of the matter

China border tension worsens as Beijing issues warning to withdraw troops

The paper further reports that the Indian military now has around 8,500 servicemen deployed on its side of the border just outside the disputed area.

Beijing is intensifying its warnings to Indian troops to get out of a contested region high in the Himalayas where China, India and Bhutan meet.

"There are differences and problems between India and China". That is the reason for India's measured statements compared to the shrill rhetoric from China - from "withdraw troops and talk" to veiled threats of a war.

The spokesman also referred to a June 30 statement on India being in consultation with Bhutan on this matter. Finally, she said clearly that India would keep patience to resolve the issue with China.

It also alleged that the Indian troops had crossed the Sikkim sector of the Indo-China border.

A commentary by the state-run news agency Xinhua on Thursday night also warned that India should not "misinterpret China's restraint". Since 2012 we have not held any discussion on the tri-junction with Bhutan. "I note the sense of the House is supportive", she said.

M - The continuing standoff between India and China along their shared border has cast a dark shadow on their bilateral relationship. Despite China raising the ante over the Doklam stand-off, India has maintained that it will continue to engage with Beijing diplomatically to resolve the border standoff and that war is not a solution.

"Indian side is always keeping "peace" on the tip of its tongue. This is by no means for peace", Geng said.

Troops of both countries are locked in a stand off along the border in Sikkim sector, after China attempted road construction in Bhutanese territory around mid-June.

India claims Sikkim border as part of its territory, while China has said that the area falls on their side as per the 1890 treaty signed between British and China. "The Indian side should bear corresponding responsibilities", the spokesman said. "The PLA did not strike in the past month when Indian troops savagely trespassed into Chinese territory".

As China already blames India for the border spat, the editorial said, "If the Modi government refuses to stop, it will push its country into a war that India has no power to control". "Otherwise, they would not have used this term "early harvest" as we say "low hanging fruit", Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj pointed out in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

CHINA yesterday accused India of concocting excuses over the illegal entry of its military into Chinese territory, adding that China had shown great restraint over the incident.

"However, goodwill has its principles and restraint has its bottom line", Ren added.

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