Sean Spicer reportedly turns down Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Producers Mixed Feelings Casting Sean Spicer

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Shortly after Sean Spicer's resignation, Page Six broke the news that Dancing With The Stars reached out to offer him a spot on the show's next season.

TMZ reported Thursday that a source close to Spicer says he isn't interested in doing the show due to his busy fall schedule. TMZ's source also added that Spicer is not a very good dancer, which is something we all probably could have assumed. But, with television networks allegedly clamoring for his services, he is now being represented by high-powered attorney Bob Barnett, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Sean Spicer will not be getting jiggy on the dance floor in front of a national audience.

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While Radar reported just yesterday that nothing was "set in stone", it has now been announced that the former press secretary has turned the offer down. Dancing with the Stars would've been the most embarrassing thing Sean Spicer had ever done, aside from the thing Sean Spicer did to earn himself the chance to go on Dancing with the Stars.

Spicer may be considering a switch to the dynamic field of television where he can share his insider knowledge of the White House.

He was seen near the CBS News office and walking out of the News Corp. building that houses Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.

One of the most memorable comic stunts on Spicer was from "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) with comedian Melissa McCarthy guest-starring as the press secretary and churning high ratings every time she donned a suit and bald wig, making her look like Spicer.

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