Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson, Pick Thought to Meet Kyrie Irving Trade Price

Could and Should the Celtics Acquire Kyrie Irving

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The NBA world has been focused on the Cleveland Cavaliers for the past week following Kyrie Irving's trade request, but there's more going on than just Irving's unhappiness.

The Miami Heat denied an ESPN report that they offered Goran Dragic and Justise Winslow to the Cavs in a package for Kyrie Irving.

Would he defend Irving's action and identify with it or would he tear him down and call him selfish for abandoning a team that went to the NBA Finals for three seasons in a row?

Miami is one destination Irving allegedly was interested in, looking for an organization with a good front office and coaching staff, the Sun-Sentinel reported. After 20 teams reportedly made inquiries to the Cavs upon learning of Irving's trade request, up to six teams have offers on the table for the All-Star point guard.

After averaging 18.5 points and 5.4 assists, Irving is named the NBA's Rookie of the Year, becoming the first Cavaliers player to win the award since James in 2004.

In the same article, Irving was asked about taking over as the Cavs" new franchise player and stated: "I wasn't really anxious about filling LeBron's shoes or filling that void.

Irving, 25, has been with the Cavaliers since they made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 draft.

While it's easy to criticize Irving for how his trade demand has impacted the future of the Cavaliers, it seems that at least Pippen has his back.

A deal bringing Irving to the Clippers would have to center around DeAndre Jordan, who is one of the only veterans on the roster that LA would be able to part ways with. Wouldn't you suppose that before signing the big contract, he should have said to himself: "Hmmm, LeBron is a free agent". Having said that, would you like to see the Pistons make a deal like this? Coach Tyronn Lue is also a strong supporter of Irving and has been a strong defender when Irving's game - which is sometimes more shoot-first than pass-first for a point guard - has come under criticism.

Kyrie Irving could land with a new National Basketball Association team before training camp.

After missing almost the first two months of the season, Irving returns to the Cavs lineup. Both of them play both ends of the court. Irving would be leaving a three-time reigning Eastern Conference champion to play for an unstable franchise that has missed the postseason for four straight years.

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