Chinese troops entered 1 km into Uttarakhand's Chamoli

Nathu La

Chinese soldiers guard the Nathu La mountain pass between Tibet and the tiny northeastern Indian state of Sikkim

The Chinese troops had reportedly entered 30 km into the Indian side claiming it to be a part of its Xinjiang province. Three days later, an air transgression by a Chinese helicopter was reported in the same area.

Such incursions are considered "routine" in the area, but since it comes at a time of a standoff between the two armies in Sikkim, it assumes significance.

The area is a demilitarised zone as agreed upon between the two countries and the ITBP jawans patrol the region without weapons, they said, adding the jawans perform their duty in a non-combative manner. The officials informed the ITBP, who then sent across a patrol to check the area.

The transgression took place on the morning of July 25 when a group of shepherds was asked to vacate the land by troops of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), officials in the know said.

Confirming the intrusion by Chinese troops, Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat dubbed it as a sensitive and a worrisome development.

While China has been demanding that India must withdraw its troops from Doklam for a dialogue to begin, India has said that troops of both sides should withdraw simultaneously. "Therefore in the eyes of some Western scholars, India has been well-behaved and will not invade or bully other countries", said the article.

According to ANI, the Chinese soldiers entered 800 meters into the Indian territory in Barahoti of Uttarakhand's Chamoli district around 9 am. Indian officials have pointed out that the Doklam issue was staged by China at the behest of Pakistan, China tends to cause a distraction by forcing incursions into Indian soil. "It would be wise for India to pull back its troops as soon as possible, instead of just beating around the bush or bargaining with China in the name of Bhutan".

National Security Adviser Ajit Doval's departure from Beijing, after a crucial meeting with China's state councilor Yang Jiechi, has triggered an energetic debate on finding a formula for defusing the crisis in the remote Doklam plateau, where Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in a lengthy stand-off. China has been getting increasingly aggressive in its confrontations with India and yesterday, Chinese president Xi Jinping upped the rhetoric by saying that China can defeat any army that dares to attack it.

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