Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Remains Unsure About Russian Election Meddling

Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Remains Unsure About Russian Election Meddling

Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Remains Unsure About Russian Election Meddling

When pressed about the deleted tweets on CNN, the new communications guy likened himself to Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan.

That's according to incoming White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

The exchange became heated as Tapper brought Scaramucci's attention to the credible sources who assert that Russian Federation did interfere in the 2016 presidential election. "The entire world has changed; we need to rethink the way we're delivering our information".

This is not the first time since being appointed to his new position Friday that Scaramucci has received flack for his previous opposition to Trump. The appointment came as the president contends with sinking approval ratings and struggles to advance his legislative agenda. They tried to interfere in the election.

Scaramucci, during his introductory appearance at the White House on Friday, had expressed a desire to improve the administration's relationship with the media, which has hit a new low over several issues, including Donald Trump's repeated accusations that some United States news outlets reported what he calls "fake news".

He also talked at length about how he wanted to make Huckabee Sanders successful in her new role.

Explaining the deletions, Scaramucci wrote on Twitter that "past views evolved & shouldn't be a distraction". But the US President has just gone on a Twitter rant that is extensive, even by his own impressive standards. Scaramucci said to laughter, referring to the president.

Saying he's "not sure" if he would have taken the meeting, Scaramucci said there was nothing there, but the media wants to "make that a two week, a four-week news cycle". And so we're going to stop the leaks.

The tweet was likely in response to reports that Scaramucci in 2015 called Trump "another hack politician" and said that he'd most likely choose Sen. "And he will probably dial back some of those tweets". And he basically said to me, "Hey, you know, maybe they did it".

He adds in a later post: "The politics of "gotcha" are over. Maybe they didn't do it", Scaramucci said.

Pesident Donald trump reportedly still does not believe Russians interfered in the 2016 USA election. I have a thick skin and we're moving on to POTUS agenda serving the American people. "I'd like to continue to use the hair and makeup person". "I want him to express the full nature of his personality".

Some of the tweets were at odds with Trump's views, including one that praised Hillary Clinton's competence. On Fox News Sunday, Scaramucci said he believes the inquiries are "overblown".

"He hasn't made the decision yet to sign that bill one way or the other" should it be sent to him, he said.

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