Indian Railways serves food not fit for human consumption, says CAG report

Railways Food'Unsuitable For Human Consumption, Says CAG Report

Food served by Indian Railways in trains and stations unsuitable for eating: CAG report

The country's top auditor on Friday criticised the catering services of the Indian Railways saying that food served in railways was unsuitable for human consumption and contaminated. Whether the food given to passengers is fit for human consumption or not, if not then now get the reality check. In which the lack of cleanliness was found in the station and train catering units.

"A policy of zero tolerance towards bad quality of food served to passengers and overcharging is being followed and during the last six months, seven contracts have been terminated on account of poor quality of food served", the statement said.

The CAG during its survey found unpurified water straight from the tap being used to prepare food, uncovered waste bins which were neither emptied regularly and nor washed.

The CAG report also pointed out that frequent changes in the catering policy and the consequent transfer of responsibility to manage catering units have created a state of uncertainty in management of the services. "Thus, while the objective of collecting electronic data of axle load, aimed at preventing overloading, could not be achieved, the expenditure of Rs 1.85 crore also remained unfruitful", CAG said in the report.

"Bills were not given for the food items sold, menu cards were not displayed for the benefit of passengers, food stuff served was less than the prescribed quantity and Proprietary Article Depot (PAD) items were sold at the railway stations at significantly higher prices than market", the report further said. In addition, the bottled water that is available at the railway stations in the report is also of the unauthorized brand. While a complaint redressal mechanism was put in place, there is no reduction in number of complaints over the years - with the major share of complaints related to over-charging and quality issues. The CAG slammed the Railways over the use of gas burners in the pantry vans of trains instead of using electric power equipment.

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