Elon Musk Claims Underground Hyperloop Given 'Verbal (Government) Approval'

In this Dec. 14 2016 file

Elon Musk Claims Underground Hyperloop Given 'Verbal (Government) Approval'

Musk founded The Boring Co. earlier this year, buying a used tunnel-boring machine, naming it Godot, and putting it to work in the parking lot across from SpaceX headquarters, along Crenshaw Boulevard near 120th Street.

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk said his latest venture, The Boring Company, just got "verbal government approval" to build a Hyperloop connecting New York City with Washington DC.

Some city representatives, however, say no such talks have occurred. But Musk said the company will come up with another way to land vehicles on the Martian surface.

Sitting in the SpaceX Mission Control in Hawthorne, California, SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Musk Elon watches his space capsule Dragon's progress as it heads for splash down in the Pacific Ocean.SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully traveled to and docked with the International Space Station.

It was not clear which government had given him the approval - and Musk did not answer multiple tweets from people around the world asking him the same.

That leaves us with the million dollar question: Who gave Musk the green light?

The Boring Company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Musk then changed his Twitter bio to include: "Tunnels (yes, tunnels)".

Musk says the route will include a stop in Philadelphia and Baltimore before, and only take 29 minutes total.

He said: "Just received verbal govt approval for The Boring Company to build an underground NY-Phil-Balt-DC Hyperloop".

Musk said a trip from NY to Washington, which now takes about three hours by train, would take just 29 minutes under his plan.

So, for the a year ago, Musk has been exploring the possibility of digging tunnels.

Likewise, The Boring Company has begun construction of its first transport tunnel in Los Angeles, with Musk tweeting progress on an elevator skeleton and the tunnel. The idea behind the tunnels is to relieve traffic on roads by creating an underground system, similar to London's Tube network but with tunnels sitting above each other at various depths. "Makes a big difference if they hear from you", he wrote.

Musk's plans for the East Coast were met with skepticism, especially in New York City, where commuters there are in the midst of the "summer of hell".

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