Police release sketch of Delphi suspect

Police release sketch of Delphi suspect

Police release sketch of Delphi suspect

State police on Monday released a composite sketch of the main suspect in the killings of two teenage girls who disappeared from a hiking trail near their hometown in northern in in February.

Police said the suspect has reddish-brown hair, stands between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-10 (1.7 and 1.8 meters) and weighs between 180 and 220 pounds (82 and 100 kilograms). Police are asking the public to focus on the person's facial features as the depiction of the hat may be inaccurate.

If you recognize the man in the sketch, you are urged to call the tip line at 844-459-5786.

A reward in excess of $230,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the double homicide.

Libby, 14, and Abby, 13, were found slain near a hiking trail on February 14.

Indiana State police have released a sketch of the man they believe killed two teenage girls on a hiking trail near Delphi in central Indiana back in February.

Riley said investigators consider the sketch a "very important" development in the ongoing investigation. Their bodies were found the next day in a wooded area.

Police have said that it's possible more than one person could be behind the killings, but investigators have zeroed in on one suspect so far.

Police later released a photo of a man walking on the bridge and a recording of a suspect saying "down the hill."

Composite sketch of person of interest in the Delphi murder case.

Kim Riley confirmed to NBC affiliate WTHR that new evidence would be released in the deaths of 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams.

Investigators have previously released a haunting, three-word audio clip extracted from video found on German's phone.

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