Australian MP's swipe at Donald Trump's sexist Brigitte Macron 'compliment'

Trump has said the climate deal was unfair to USA business. He called it "opposition research" and "very standard in politics".

"I think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting". Donald Jr. released an email exchange on Tuesday that discussed plans to meet Veselnitskaya and talk about potentially damaging information related to Hillary Clinton.

While members of the public and the media alike expressed varied opinions about President Trump's reaction to Brigitte Macron, it was the clothing brand Reebok that responded in what may be regarded as the most creative way.

The White House, meanwhile, remains non-committal about the U.S. rejoining the climate deal. We hear you. But when he does something a lot of men get away with doing, its time we pirouette him as an example on the No-Nos. But it's still pretty divisive, given that a majority of Americans-53 percent-said they disapproved of Trump's decision. Mr. Trump, who reportedly sought to include the military in his own inaugural parade, loved every second of it.

In what numerous media outlets deemed a "take down", Uhlmann said of Trump "he has no desire and no capacity to lead the world ... on the Paris Climate Accords the USA was left isolated and friendless". The president sounded open to making some sort of change or perhaps new deal, but did not offer a specific commitment. He stated his refusal with the way the United States interprets and sees the deal. "Nothing [in the deal] was renegotiable", Macron allegedly said.

Reebok has some pretty strong words for Donald Trump following his sexist comments towards Brigitte Macron last week.

Caitriona Perry, that journalist, later tweeted that it was a "bizarre moment".

Similarly, the president's disapproval rating has jumped five points to 58 percent, according to the survey of 1,001 adults.

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