What Americans love and hate about Trump's presidency so far

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If the media believed Russian hacking was a crime against our democracy why did they publish the fruits of that crime

Responding on Twitter, Trump said his 36 percent approval rating - which he rounded up to 40 percent - "is not bad at this time".

Just 38 percent of those polled said they think Trump is making significant progress toward his goals, while 55 percent think otherwise.

President Donald Trump's six-month approval rating is the lowest of any president in the past 70 years.

Despite Mr Trump's claims on the campaign trail to "make America great" on the world stage, the survey found 48 per cent believed the USA has actually been weakened.

The poll was conducted after the New York Times recently published an article alleging the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and other members of the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer in order to collect incriminating information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And when asked how much they trusted Trump to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin, 48% of respondents said they did not trust him at all, while a combined 32% said they trusted him a "great deal" or a "good amount".

According to the commentator, the propaganda campaign against the Trump administration will not bear fruit, because the American people "distrust the media". Similarly, the president's disapproval rating has jumped five points to 58 per cent, according to the survey of 1,001 adults.

Two-thirds of America to President Trump: Delete your account.

Only 37 per cent of those surveyed said the Democratic Party "stands for something", while 52 per cent said it simply "stands against Trump". Half of Americans preferred Obamacare to the proposals the Republicans have drawn up to replace it. "They want another resurrected Russian Cold War, because they can feed on it", he said.

Mr Trump's healthcare plans were also unpopular, with less than a quarter of those surveyed preferring the Republican bill to existing laws.

A president's job approval rating is the essential barometer of his popularity, but it can also be unsatisfying in its lack of specificity. "Among disapprovers who named issues as their biggest criticism, the most common were immigration (8 percent) and health care (7 percent), the travel ban at 3 percent and others at 2 percent or less".

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