Amazon Allegedly Working on Messaging App for iOS and Android Called 'Anytime'

Amazon Anytime messaging app leak

Amazon Allegedly Working on Messaging App for iOS and Android Called 'Anytime'

The app would be available to end-users of smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart watches.The survey asks users which features are most important to them. Users will be able to encrypt important messages that carries their personal information like their credit or debit card information and other band account details. It's unclear what that means exactly, but it could mean the app hooks into existing social networks and other messaging services. After dominating in that segment, Amazon had launched the Alexa-powered Echo speaker and that too became a relatively big success.

Despite messaging apps being an incredibly tested space for newcomers, Amazon believes it has enough clout to rival even the likes of Apple Messages and WhatsApp in the space., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is never afraid to try out new products and services, but its new Anytime messaging service is a true first for the retail giant.

Anytime is said to have virtually no dependance on phone numbers, unlike competing apps such as WhatsApp. Amazon's personal assistant Alexa may also be integrated in some way.

However, the best feature of the app is that it supports many services from Amazon like shopping, making reservations and also to check the status of your orders.

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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT the messaging app market couldn't get any more crowded, along come the rumours that Amazon wants a piece of the action.

The e-commerce giant Amazon is, allegedly, readying its new messaging service called Anytime. It is not only helping in case of chatting with one another but also an has become an indispensable factor in businesses and services.

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