Trump Still Hates the Iran Deal, But He's Stuck With It

Trump Still Hates the Iran Deal, But He's Stuck With It

Trump Still Hates the Iran Deal, But He's Stuck With It

According to The Weekly Standard, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been the leading advocate for recertifying the deal, which is also backed by Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Some White House officials and lawmakers argued that Iran has breached the deal in several significant areas. In return, Tehran won relief from punishing worldwide economic sanctions.

Trump promised during the 2016 campaign that he would "tear up" the Obama-era agreement, which he and other Republicans say did not go far enough in dismantling Iran's nuclear program.

"The nuclear agreement is a multilateral and global contract achieved after years of dialogue and negotiation", said Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, late on Thursday. The historic agreement shut down most of Iran's nuclear program, in some cases for decades, in exchange for an easing of global sanctions.

"Those who imposed such pressure upon Iran, finally found out that they can't achieve what they want", asserted the Iranian top diplomat; "at the end they concluded that the agreement was the best achievement to garner, and as the nature of multilateral negotiations, all parties achieved their objectives at the end".

After Iran test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile in late January, in violation of United Nations resolutions, the administration declared it was putting Iran "on notice" that such behavior would not be tolerated.

As part of the deal, the U.S. State Department is required to update Congress on Iran's compliance every 90 days. "That's what the strategy review is focused on, and until it's complete, it's hard to know what is the best resolution" on Iran policy, the official said.

"This deal belongs to the worldwide community, having been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council, that expects all sides to keep the commitments they took two years ago", she added.

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