Live Crew Co-Founder Fresh Kid Ice Dead at 53

Live Crew Co-Founder Fresh Kid Ice Dead at 53

Live Crew Co-Founder Fresh Kid Ice Dead at 53

Christopher Wong Won, who was known as Fresh Kid Ice, died Tuesday at the age of 53.

He and pal Uncle Luke, whose real name is Luther Campbell, were arrested in 1990 after police deemed one of their live performances obscene and lewd. He added, "We lost a legend". After they released the "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" album, it was the first to be labeled legally obscene by the government.

Fresh Kid and the group's biggest contribution to American rap and pop culture is that they became poster children for First Amendment rights after the constantly tested and stretched the boundaries of self-expression, political correctness and decency. Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, but raised in Brooklyn, New York, he co-founded the 2 Live Crew, the influential Miami hip-hop act, in the mid-1980s along with DJ Mr. Mixx (born David Hobbs) and Amazing Vee (born Yuri Vielot).

Before getting into music, Fresh Kid served in the U.S. Air Force for four years.

While Wong Won continued to record with 2 Live Crew, he released his debut solo album, The Chinaman, in 1992.

Fresh Kid Ice was the only member to appear on every 2 Live Crew album.

The founding member of 2 Live Crew passed away in Miami, reports TMZ. 'We've been in the background and stayed behind the scenes, but we learn from our mistakes. However, he retaught himself how to talk and walk before reuniting with Uncle Luke and Brother Marquis in 2012. The artist released his memoir, My Rise 2 Fame: The Tell All Autobiography of a Hip Hop Legend in 2015.

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