Grassley may subpoena Trump Jr. to testify to Senate panel

Donald Trump’s Russia Lawyer Cracks Up And Threatens A Stranger

Grassley may subpoena Trump Jr. to testify to Senate panel

Earlier, t he chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said he is sending a letter to Donald Trump Jr to ask him to testify. Thursday requesting that he testify before the committee, Chairman Chuck Grassley told CNN. But as has been mentioned before, those close to Manafort say he has been cooperative and will continue to be - he's just waiting on the committee to give him a date for the hearing.

Manafort resigned from Trump's campaign in August, long before the presidential election in November. Veselnitskaya herself denied any connection to the Kremlin, said she did not request a meeting with Trump Jr. during the 2016 presidential campaign, and noted that she has no information damaging Clinton.

U.S intelligence agencies said earlier this year that Russian Federation sought to help Trump win the election by hacking private emails from Democratic Party officials and disseminating false information online.

While Grassley spoke with reporters Wednesday morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Federal Bureau of Investigation director nominee Christopher Wray was in session.

Trump Jr. disclosed this week that he had met with a Russian lawyer past year who was said to be offering damaging information on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The "Steele dossier" is a report that is believed to have been funded by a Hillary Clinton backer and was spread widely among politicians and journalists with the intention of damaging Trump with information that has been widely debunked.

Yet she was able to meet with Trump Trump Tower in June. Grassley said in a statement.

He tweeted on July 10, "Obviously I'm the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent... went nowhere but had to listen". He said he will leave that to Robert Muller, the special counsel investigating the president's campaign ties to Russian Federation.

Lawyers for President Donald Trump have raised the possibility that the request for the meeting could have been part of a smear campaign against him, trying to tie him and his campaign to Russian Federation.

The president's attorney, Jay Sekulow, said in an interview with NBC's "Today" that Trump Jr. did not violate any laws by accepting the meeting.

Graham said that the hearing will give Trump Jr. the opportunity to tell his side of the story and that "you'll have to watch the hearing to know what I am going to say".

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