Wonder Woman sequel to be set in the 1980s

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Wonder Woman sequel to be set in the 1980s

Although a second Wonder Woman movie wasn't on DC's original schedule for its Extended Universe, the huge success of the first film has ensured a sequel.

But now production details have revealed that Wonder Woman 2 may be set during the 1980s, with Diana, Princess of The Amazon fighting against the Soviet Union in the last throes of the Cold War - when tensions between the USA and Russian Federation were reaching boiling point. Jenkins return, however, isn't official yet. Already the highest-grossing DCEU movie on its home soil, this weekend saw 'Wonder Woman's United States box office takings break $368 million.

After stealing the show from Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the much-maligned Batman Vs. Superman in a matter of minutes, it's now hard to think of anyone other than Gal Gadot playing Diana of Themyscira. Director Patty Jenkins earned the honor of having the biggest opening weekend for a film directed by a female director, while the film has officially become the top-grossing live-action film directed by a woman. The only way it could work is if he somehow bailed out of the plane and survived, but wouldn't that cheapen Wonder Woman's ending? According to movie industry tracker Box Office Mojo, Wonder Woman has earned a staggering $745 million gross so far-$368 million of that domestically in the USA -since the film's debut on June 2.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we now also know what the story may involve. "Historically, an origin superhero film does big business domestically", Jeff Goldstein told The Hollywood Reporter.

In Wonder Woman, DC and Warner Bros. have finally achieved something they have desperately wanted ever since Man of Steel hit theaters. New details about Wonder Woman 2 have now emerged, and they reveal it might not be the modern day movie that was previously rumored.

There's no explanation on how Trevor will return to the sequel. He could be working for the Soviets, a la Bucky Barnes in Winter Soldier. And if Lynda Carter, known to have embodied Wonder Woman in the television series, made a cameo? Although she exhibited extraordinary powers, strength, and skills throughout the movie, it was in the third act, during her climactic battle with Ares, that the full extent of her powers was realized for the first time - when she discovered that she was also a god.

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