Witness to Recent Paige/El Patron Public Altercation Speaks Out

Witness to Recent Paige/El Patron Public Altercation Speaks Out

Witness to Recent Paige/El Patron Public Altercation Speaks Out

"....please share this, I want the world to know that i care about my lil sister....everyone keep an eye on her ...you'll be argry at me but I love you, I'm writing this on behalf of all the Knights".

While arguing on the airport tram system, an emotional Paige reportedly screamed that Del Rio had been doing cocaine for "two days straight" and she called him abusive, according to the witness. As we've reported, he was detained at the airport on a domestic violence claim.

An Orlando Police statement confirmed: "The reported incident was a domestic violence battery, and it is still under investigation".

Video and audio obtained by the witness note Alberto saying, "Let's do it, get the cops" to which Paige responds with "Just stay out of my life, leave me the f-k alone, I'm trying to get away from you". Page told Del Rio, "You're such an abusive husband, I hate you". They indicated that they will fully cooperate with the authorities and investigate this incident thoroughly. She wrestled the next night on Monday Night Raw, and the whole thing was largely forgotten.

Four months later, Alberto said he was stabbed. We've tried everything. Now we must stand up for my lovely little sister and get her back to WWE and away from the prick. At the time, TMZ said there was "lots of speculation" about Alberto's story and noted there was "no confirmation from police". Del Rio - who is the current Impact Wrestling heavyweight champion - was not arrested, no charges have been filed, and police did not confirm the name of the alleged victim. Rafy, also known as Alan Xtreme, claimed he just said something to the effect of "excuse me, beautiful", while Alberto alleged that Rafy touched his girlfriend inappropriately.

Paige has been dating Alberto Del Rio since early 2016.

Global Force Wrestling takes all legal situations very seriously and is looking into this matter.

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