Reasons Spider-Man: Homecoming Is The Best Spidey Movie Ever

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This is the Spider-Man movies fans have always wanted to see: hilarious, action-packed and even meaningful on occasion.

Spider-Man is once again the friendly neighborhood hero of the box office.

Homecoming is a major victory for the studio, which was forced to put the marquee superhero franchise on ice after reboots The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to match the glory days of the original Spider-Man film trilogy. Not bad at all for a Hollywood movie!

Early box office tracking suggested an opening weekend for Homecoming of more than $90 million, while more recent reports suggest the film could top $100 million in its debut weekend.

But all three of those films got scores of 81% or better on review site Rotten Tomatoes, and that strong word of mouth kept audiences coming beyond the pop of the first weekend. Learning from previous hamfisted efforts like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this movie makes sure to put the current film first, but that doesn't stop it from setting up the sequels when it's warranted.

Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and crew swept in last night for a $50 million opening night (including $15 million from Thursday previews).

That's a solid number that's obviously significant to the bottom line of the studios involved.

On the global front, Korea is particularly receptive to the Tom Holland-led film with $10.4m - an opening day record.

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