Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Adds New Game+, Ultra Hard Difficulty & More

Horizon Zero Dawn: New Update Brings New Game+, Ultra Hard Difficulty

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Adds New Game+, Ultra Hard Difficulty & More

PlayStation 4's popular new game, Horizon Zero Dawn, has received a sizeable update today which added some addition features to the game.

The free patch also added numerous bug fixes, it also added a couple of new trophies for the New Game + and the Ultra Hard difficulty.

With New Game+ you will be able to relive the adventures of Aloy without losing your character progression and your collected inventory. Aloy won't lose any skill progression or items on her person when starting a NG+, however, the level cap is still 50. In this mode, the senses and behavior of machines are enhanced, the gamer's health regen are limited and smaller tweaks are added. Furthermore, updated versions of existing weapons and outfits with an extra modification slot have been added, but they won't be cheap.

Thankfully, Horizon's developers spare people who start a New Game+ from replaying the game's introductory levels. Careful though once locked in, the choice to switch difficulty won't be reversible when choosing a NG+ option. For players who seek an extra challenge, we are also introducing an "Ultra Hard" difficulty.

And finally, trophy hunters will likely want to track down the two new trophies for New Game+.

Fixed an issue for some players in "The Looming Shadow" where two guards would disappear after Blameless Marad speaks to them.

The website then speculated that the mountain Aloy may be looking to explore in the trailer could be Devils Tower, and if that is the case, "The Frozen Wilds" could then feature a play area that extends from Yellowstone Park to that landmark.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla have announced an update for Horizon Zero Dawn that includes New Game+ and an Ultra Hard difficulty.

Fixed an issue with the humanoid scream and attack indicators.

Fixed an issue in "Field of the Fallen" where for some players Erend would not appear and thus blocked progression of this quest.

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