Iraqi army completely surrounds ISIL in Mosul

Iraq gains ground in Mosul s Old City as it presses assault on IS

Iraq gains ground in Mosul's Old City as it presses assault on IS

Abadi "issued instructions to bring the battle to its conclusion", by capturing the remaining parts of the Old City, his office said.

Using women as suicide bombers is apparently the latest tactic by the militants, said Sgt. Ali Abdullah Hussein. They yelled at the group of sobbing women and children to hurry past.

A middle-aged woman with a gaunt, pale face fainted as she fled past the destroyed al-Nuri Mosque.

He added that even after the last pockets of the city are retaken, Daesh will continue to challenge the hold, and the USA troops will continue to facilitate coordination and provide advice for Iraqi forces.

Haider al-Abadi spoke during a news conference in Baghdad, less than a week after he declared an end to IS's self-styled caliphate after Iraqi forces took back the landmark al-Nuri Mosque in the Old City.

A statement attributed to the head of the federal police was released Sunday to announce "the victory (...) in Mosul", while the police forces were celebrating the event in music in the city, with flags and dances.

The civilians - mostly women and children - are fleeing the city in waves of displacement as Iraqi forces push toward the Tigris River, according to Iraqi special forces Maj.

Councilman Taha Abdul-Ghani says the attack took place at dusk on Sunday as authorities were accommodating families that had fled from the Islamic State-held town of Qaim.

Fadil explained the reason for their caution.

The source said 38 female suicide bombers had blown themselves up inside Mosul in the last month, suggesting an air of desperation within the so-called caliphate. The two sides got so close to one another in some points that in one occasion the terrorists even tossed a hand grenade at the soldiers.

"One of our major concerns is we feel only a small percentage of the patients are reaching medical facilities", he said. A second soldier stuffed a rag into a plastic jug of gasoline, lit it and threw it inside.

"The well-being of civilians is a matter of extreme concern for us".

His men seized five suspected IS fighters, binding their hands with electrical wire and blindfolding them with scraps of cloth.

The camp in Iraq's western Anbar province, known as "kilo 60", houses people forced out of Sunni areas controlled by ISIL in the Euphrates river valley, the security sources said.

Iraqi commanders have predicted final victory in Mosul this week after a grinding eight-month assault on the once two-million-strong city which has pushed Islamic State into a rectangle no more than 300 by 500 meters beside the Tigris.

Associated Press writer Felipe Dana in Mosul contributed.

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