Masked gunman shot dead after failed helicopter heist in Oregon

Masked gunman shot dead after failed helicopter heist in Oregon

Jon Nazca Reuters

The unknown man in the mask, who was carrying a gun, attempted hijacking of a helicopter at the airport near the city of Portland, Oregon, USA, but was mortally wounded by law enforcement.

OR law enforcement shot and killed a would-be thief who tried to hijack a helicopter from an airport in Hillsboro. Police eventually shot the suspect, who died at the scene.

"For a moment, I thought to myself that it was a little warm for the big, thick, gray hoodie with the hood over him", said Neal, Public Safety Director for the Port of Portland, which owns and operates the airport.

Police told KOIN that a masked man jumped a fence that surrounds airport property and confronted a helicopter instructor and a student pilot.

After a police showed up, the man ran from the helicopter, went back over the barbed-wire fence and fled across a local road.

The gunman allegedly ordered one aviation student out of the helicopter at gunpoint and fired a shot into the ground, Reimann said. No other injuries were reported from the incident.

Police were called to the 1200 block of Roundelay Street at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday after reports of shots being fired. That was the first he heard of the shooting. No new flights are arriving or taking off as a result, he said.

The 95-acre airport is home to over 25 businesses, including flight schools, aircraft charter services, air ambulances and corporate flight departments.

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