Gordon Hayward once parodied LeBron's 'Decision' in a now-relevant eSports video

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Wojnarowski added that Hayward, who will expectedly sign a maximum contract offer, will make his decision Tuesday. One of their first stops on Sunday was Fenway Park, where a jumbotron message welcomed Hayward and his wife to the city.

Everything and nothing is happening all at once in regards to star free agent Gordon Hayward.

Boston's big-name commitment on the free agent market is the team's second in as many years. He also is being heavily sought by the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

Without Hayward, the Heat would be left with about $35 million in cap space once they officially release Chris Bosh. The #Boston Celtics and Hayward appeared to have a contract in place earlier in the day, but conflicting reports are coming out across the National Basketball Association.

It's impossible to know how much weight Hayward put into his relationship with Stevens throughout the free-agency process. He'll bring that efficiency to the Celtics, around a core that made it to the Eastern Conference championship round in 2017. Now the final decision - along with the immediate future of the Utah Jazz franchise - rest firmly upon his shoulders. Whatever it ends up being, it's unlikely to be believed fully unless it comes directly from Hayward. Stevens coached Hayward for two seasons when he was at Butler, and they made it to the National Championship Game together back in 2010.

Hayward was ranked No. 6 on the list of top available free agents this offseason compiled by ESPN's Kevin Pelton.

Among the Celtics who celebrated the "decision" was point guard Isaiah Thomas. The Celtics still haven't caught up to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers but are set up to compete for a long time.

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