How Does Paul George Trade Impact Russell Westbrook's Thunder Future?

Four-time All-Star Paul George will unite with Russell Westbrook after getting traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Reports have also indicated that the Southern California native wants to play for the LA Lakers, but several teams such as the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets have come up in trade talks involving George. But the landing spot - the Oklahoma City Thunder - for the superstar was a surprise to everyone. They are likely not done making moves and now they are open to trade offers for Thaddeus Young, according to National Basketball Association reporter Rick Reeves.

Many are wondering did the Pacers get enough in return for Paul George, and was this the best they could've done. So not only do the Thunder land an All Star in George, but they also save a bit on pay roll as well. George has one year left on his contract at which point he's extremely interested in playing for his hometown Los Angeles Lakers.

The American star forward Paul George for the first time in his career he changed the team. Put Enes Kanter and Steven Adams and the Thunder have something solid to work with as a Western Conference contender.

The news hit the Celtics as they were preparing to make their midnight free agent phone calls, and according to sources among those who have dealings with the club, the C's were stunned. But the Thunder aren't thinking that far ahead.

Oklahoma City hopes the same does not happen to them next summer as did last summer, when they brought in Oladipo and then opened their first meeting with Kevin Durant saying they planned to sign Al Horford to make the team even more competitive.

The Wolves had been looking to move away from Rubio for some time, and they've been rumored for just as long to have interest in Teague, who spent last season with the Indiana Pacers after being acquired from the Atlanta Hawks in a trade last summer.

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