Boston Celtics Pursuing a New Roster

Boston Celtics Pursuing a New Roster

Boston Celtics Pursuing a New Roster

They might not sign free agent Gordon Hayward. After leading the Utah Jazz to the second round of the NBA Playoffs last season, Hayward is expected to receive interest from many different teams.

The Pacers, his hometown team, were very interested and at one time a consideration.

But Heat president Pat Riley, known for being stubborn and persuasive, and Celtics general manager Danny Ainge will pitch their own unique ideas to Hayward. Even if Miami doesn't land Hayward, this shows that Whiteside is starting to realize all of the responsibilities that come with being a max player.

The All-Star forward has meetings scheduled with three teams.

. He is speaking with the Jazz on Monday before he flies to Boston.

Needless to say, this is good news for the Heat. They're been looking at Paul George, but making a trade for him is hard.

The 30-year-old averaged 12.8 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.6 assists last season and has continued to work out at the Heat practice facility over the summer. Hayward shot 47.1 percent from the field overall and knocked down 39.8 percent of his three-point attempts. The Jazz will have as good a chance as any to retain him. As a small market team in a sea of titans, Utah is essentially pigeonholed into building through a draft-oriented, developmental approach.

There is a growing sense that Hayward is heavily considering moving on from Utah, with both the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics serving as major threats to acquire him.

In order to keep their payroll low enough to have the ability to sign Hayward, Boston hopes to trade for George after they sign the Jazz star. "They brought me here for a reason and I know they're going after Hayward for a reason and I think his statistics and his numbers that he [produces], he fits in the best here".

Despite the Heat and the Celtics being top contenders, Hayward is still expected by many National Basketball Association aficionados to remain in Utah. Miami is going to put a full-court press on him and it will be intriguing to hear what his initial thoughts about their offer are.

So let's assume Hayward signs and joins the Heat. I know that most Celtics fans know that the Celtics are better off waiting for the Pacers to come back down to earth, but outside fans do not. Nick Wright made a decision to voice his complaints with Ainge on live television.

"The [Heat] haven't said too much, but all I know is that if he comes here, he'll be great for us", Johnson said about Hayward.

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