Sony Will Press its First Vinyl Records in in 30 Years

Sony Will Press its First Vinyl Records in in 30 Years

Sony Will Press its First Vinyl Records in in 30 Years

Though 20 million people around the world are predicted to purchase a vinyl record this year, the format will likely remain niche, albeit high-margin.

The United Record Pressing plant, which has manufactured vinyl since 1949, is reportedly planning to expand its operations in Tennessee, doubling its current production capacity. The news comes in light of increased consumer interest in records, and not just old ones: we're seeing soundtracks increasingly launch on new vinyl, including the "Ocarina of Time" soundtrack and the "Last Guardian" soundtrack. Or are you enjoying spinning records for the first time after growing up in the digital realm?

Crediting a huge demand, a spokesperson says vinyl production will kick off at a factory near Tokyo by next March, reports CNNMoney.

Major music market Japan produced almost 200 million records a year in the mid-seventies, according to the country's recording industry association. Once Sony's vinyl pressing capabilities are operational the company may consider making records for third parties, the report says.

Turntables as well as other accessories related to records are benefitting as well.

However, despite the popularity that now can be seen across the different digital music providers such as Spotify, the old school vinyl record has been enjoying quite a renaissance.

Sony and Panasonic both started selling analog record players again last year after previously giving up on them.

It has not yet made a decision of which genres it will produce said the company spokesperson.

Sony's biggest challenge is the lack of engineers experienced in making records. The rep adds some of Sony's former engineers will take on advisory roles so Sony's less-experienced engineers can get a feel for how vinyl production is done.

HMV opened its vinyl-focused store in Shibuya, Japan, nearly two years after sales began to show strong growth, while supermarkets including Sainsbury's and Tesco began selling vinyl after LP sales rose by 800% in 2015.

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