Alton Sterling's family sues Baton Rouge, La., for wrongful death

Alton Sterling 37 was killed by police outside the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Alton Sterling 37 was killed by police outside the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge Louisiana

The children of Alton Sterling, the black man fatally shot by a white police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, almost a year ago, are suing the city, the police department and the officer, the Associated Press reported.

Attorneys for Alton Sterling's five children plan to file a lawsuit today against several parties in his death, according to a spokesman.

Sterling's children said in the suit that the shooting fit a racist pattern by police to use lethal force against Blacks, an issue that many protesters were vocal about during demonstrations following his death.

"We can't do anything to bring Alton Sterling back", Michael Adams, a lawyer for Sterling's family, told "There have also been multiple verbal racist comments by officers reported to the department", the lawsuit said. It seeks unspecified damages against the city, police officers involved in the shooting and the police department. "This is about his children and this is about bringing this community together".

Two white cops shot Sterling last summer after receiving a call about a man wearing a red shirt holding a gun.

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Officers Salamoni or Howie Lake II found Sterling, who was selling homemade CDs, at Triple S Food Mart on that hot summer day last July.

Salamoni wrestled Sterling to the ground, but then Sterling had a hand near his pocket and the officers continued to struggle subduing him.

Police said Sterling resisted arrest and didn't respond when officers used a Taser on him, but video that surfaced after the shooting shows Sterling was pinned down by the officers.

Store owner Abdul Muflahi told HuffPost a year ago that he witnessed the shooting and did not see Sterling with a gun, but did see officers remove one from Sterling's pocket. The officers believed that Sterling possessed a firearm and he allegedly tried to reach for it while he was being apprehended.

The suit also takes aim at Dabadie, claiming the police chief failed to properly "train all active police officers under his control and supervision".

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