Otto Warmbier's father casts doubt on North Korea's reasoning behind son's coma

Fred Warmbier father of Otto Warmbier speaks during a news conference in Cincinnati Ohio

Fred Warmbier father of Otto Warmbier speaks during a news conference in Cincinnati Ohio

Warmbier was released Tuesday from North Korea, where he had been jailed for more than 17 months.

The Warmbier family doesn't believe North Korea's explanation that the 22-year-old fell into a coma after contracting botulism and taking a sleeping pill shortly after he was sentenced in March 2016, Warmbier's father said on Thursday. However, Warmbier's parents and leading medical experts aren't buying Pyongyang's explanation either.

North Korea reportedly told a US official that Otto contracted botulism and slipped intothe coma after taking a sleeping pill. "Otto, I love you so much, I'm insane about you and I'm so glad you're home".

"We don't believe anything they [North Korea] say", Fred Warmbier said, wearing a sport coat Otto Warmbier had worn during a broadcast confession of his crimes previous year in North Korea.

North Korea has broken its silence on the release of American detainee Otto Warmbier.

"There's no excuse for the way the North Koreans treated our son".

Otto Warmbier was serving a 15-year prison term with hard labour after he tearfully confessed that he tried to steal a propaganda banner while visiting North Korea.

"We relied on this false premise that they would treat Otto fairly and let him go", Fred Warmbier said.

At the request of the family, doctors would not publicly discuss Warmbier's prognosis or chances of recovery.

Kanter said an MRI revealed the extent of the damage to Warmbier's brain. He said they traveled to Washington and met with Ambassador Yun who more aggressively pursued Otto's release.

The North Korean regime deemed him a "war criminal" and "brutalized and terrorized" him during his detainment, his father said.

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have been heightened by North Korean missile launches and two nuclear bomb tests. In an interview slated to air on Thursday evening, Warmbier's father Fred told anchor Tucker Carlson that his son is "not in great shape."

USA secretary of state Rex Tillerson said his department is continuing "to have discussions" with North Korea about the release of the other three imprisoned American citizens.

In a trial that lasted just one hour, the native of OH was convicted and sentenced to 15 years hard labor.

Initially, it was reported that Warmbier was in a coma and had contracted botulism during his imprisonment in the tyrannical state.

President Trump called him Wednesday and asked how the family was doing but said he was sorry about Otto's condition.

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