How Christy Clark Destroyed the BC Liberal Brand in Just One Day

NDP Leader John Horgan will be B.C.'s next premier

NDP Leader John Horgan will be B.C.'s next premier

De Jong said the party financing law was not a delay tactic because the Liberals still expect the confidence vote on Thursday.

Weaver says if the ruling Liberals lose that vote, the Lieutenant Governor should first see if another party can gain the confidence of the house and form a government before an election is called.

On Monday, June 26, during the first day of debate in the 41 session of the B.C. legislature, the NDP-Green Party alliance tried to force an early non-confidence vote on last week's throne speech, in order to expedite the inevitable defeat of the Liberal minority government, but failed because it required unanimous vote, which the Liberals did not grant.

In a mark of how weird B.C.'s political situation has become since the close May 9 election results, it's believed to be the first time in the province's history that a government bill has been defeated in the "first-reading" stage, which effectively kills it before it's ever even read in the legislature.

"The challenge with the NDP promises is that they're very vague", Redies told Peace Arch News.

Last week's throne speech promised measures that would restrict donations to individuals only, and others that mainly affect only the NDP, such as banning transfer of funds from a federal to a provincial party and "in kind" donations such as the transfer of union staff to work on political campaigns. Make no mistake-it was the loathing of Clark, more than anything else, that put her party on the verge of being in opposition.

Green party Leader Andrew Weaver is accusing the Liberals of trying to hold onto power seven weeks after the election that left them with a minority government.

"The road to stability is not to defeat the throne speech and to risk an election".

He has also asked whether the Speaker would participate in committee debates, adding he believes the rules state the Speaker does not take part and never votes in the committee process.

NDP house leader Mike Farnworth said he received no notice of the four-page letter, and it appears to be the latest attempt by the B.C. Liberals to avoid losing power to the NDP and Greens.

Speaking to reporters at the B.C. legislature Wednesday, Weaver said if Clark has directed the other 42 B.C. Liberal MLAs to refuse to serve as speaker for an NDP government, it's an offence against parliamentary tradition.

But Premier Christy Clark refused to help accelerate her ultimate demise. After all, the Liberals can only dodge an actual confidence vote for another day or two.

"The premier has been clear that she wants to follow procedure and test confidence of the house", he said in a statement. But I think the NDP would be better at doing that.

Of course, the Liberals shut down those six NDP motions to ban corporate and union donations, only to have a sudden change of heart on the matter after an election that leaves them on the brink of defeat.

"I think it's going to be very, very hard", de Jong told reporters after tabling his letter in the legislature Tuesday.

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